Advantages of LED Lighting to Light Your Commercial Establishment


For many years, when you look for a lighting product to illuminate indoor commercial spaces you automatically choose LFL (linear fluorescent lights) and for excellent reason. LFL provides quality light, very efficient and can last a reasonable period of time. The T8 lamps which consume around 40% less energy are a good example of this. But while linear fluorescent lights has been providing efficient lighting for a long time, now manufacturers have come up with something even more efficient: the LED t8, also known as linear LED replacement.

What are the advantages of swapping your LFL with LED t8? There are several. It is Mercury free, which can’t be said of the LFL, making it more environments friendly. It can be dimmed easily, something that is also possible with the LFL but with poor results and at greater expense. LEDs can provide light exactly where light is needed. This is called directional light. Fluorescents, on the other hand, provide multi-directional light, meaning that some lights are wasted in unnecessary places. LEDs works well with controls system compared with LFLs. Unlike the latter, LEDs is not affected by the frequent on and operation, preventing early burning out which is LFLs main drawback. LED rope lights are usually made using aluminum and plastic which means they are practically shatterproof.

LFLs maximum lifespan is 30,000 hours while LEDs is 50,000. LEDs most important advantage is it is extremely energy efficient. It consumes 30% less energy than the T8 lamp. You save money on your monthly electricity bills by switching to LEDs. The significant reduction in electricity expenses provides plenty of benefits to your business especially if it needs to use massive amounts of energy in order to stay viable.

T8 LEDs, like all products, has downsides and none as telling as its cost, which is 3x to 5x more than the LFLs’. However, the government rewards businesses using environment friendly energy with tax incentives and rebates. And of course you most also consider your substantial savings from drastically reduced energy consumption. The important thing is before you decide to replace your LFL with LEDs, you should make realistic calculations.

The cost of Birddog lighting a commercial building can reduce your profits considerably. You can consider replacing LFLs with the more efficient, more durable LEDS, to reduce it. There are many web sites providing information about selling them, so it should not be difficult for you to make a decision.

To know more about how LED lights work, go to



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